Sunday, February 22, 2009

data 2.0

Just trust me.... required reading from the Google Blog which I retitle: the future of data.


Blogger Jerry said...

Very good post. Some things I'll pick out:

1. Beyond that, present to me a front page rich with interesting content selected by smart editors, customized based on my reading habits
I'd say this is, at heart, internally contradictory. If the content is customized based on my reading habits, then it's not really selected by an editor. It's just the same subject I read about the day before (to be just a bit reductionist).

That is the big problem with the data revolution. There is far too much opportunity, even tendency, for people to pigeonhole themselves very deeply. If the past three times I went to the PG, I read about the stimulus plan, then the next time I go back, I might miss the story about Mayor Steelerstahl's latest embarrassment because the site presented me content on the stimulus instead. Of course, this tunnel vision happened all the time in the past, before the web. But the web makes it so much easier.

We have too much customization already. Too many tools that allow me to hone in on my core issues to the exclusion of "peripheral" things. It's these "peripheral" things, things we don't realize are important right now, that give us the broad knowledge needed to understand issues.

2. I wish he had offered an example of people using StreetView to good effect. Since the Boring case was decided, I have been wondering what the significant use of this tool is.

3. Reading the word "cloud" on a blog is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Gotta be the most over-hyped, under-understood word since "ether" (that is, the mystical stuff that makes up the empty space in the universe). And mostly, it's people offering, or planning to offer, "cloud" services for sale who are doing the over-hyping.

4. This doesn't mean that the access device simply becomes a juiced up version of an old 3270 terminal.
Well, if data is the greatest bestest thing ever, then yes it does mean that. He just spent 20 paragraphs explaining why data is the only thing that matters, and a few paragraphs from now he'll brag about the web applications Google is building which will render personal computers obsolete, but right now he says that a device is great because you can have applications on it? It's one or the other. If all this great data, the only thing that matters, is just sitting out there in this fancy cloud, then it shouldn't matter whether I access it from a notebook, a phone, or a toilet paper holder, right?

5. I love Google. It has given the world some great products, and has made information retrieval almost infinitely easier. But man are they annoying when they start tooting their own horns.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 2:19:00 AM  
Blogger smallstreams said...

I like the phrase about sharing now being the gold standard.

I like Jerry's comment about disliking how JR's tooting his own horn. It's the same "captains of industry charting the course to the future" line that we've had for the past 200 hundred or so years. Then the speech seems less about Data 2.0 and more about the beta version of industrialism.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 12:58:00 PM  

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