Thursday, February 05, 2009

Will the last person leaving Pittsburgh - Turn out the lights

Some may remember that this came up during the run up to the Superbowl against Seattle... but read the Seattle Times' story on the iconic billboard that was put up there 38 years ago that read "Will the last person leaving Seattle - Turn out the Lights". They also have a scan of an old Economist article on Seattle titled mere: City of Despair.

I actually don't have a point, other than seems to hit a diaspora-related nerve. Since many think Seattle has been more a place to emulate of late than other regions, it may just be an datapoint showing that regions can turn around. You see a lot of angst among some who disbelieve any or all of the positive press on the region of late. Surely it's all a bit overplayed, but some folks seem to believe past must be forever prologue.... that it's inconceivable things can ever turn around. There was a time when folks felt equally pessimistic about Seattle for what it's worth. Although it turns out that the point of the billboard was not quite what it appeared to be. The Seattle Times article explains.


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