Sunday, March 15, 2009

Follow those stories...

Stimulus giving new life to Maglev? More from the Trib today. And you thought I was joking. Note the mention of Morgantown's Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system which is an offshoot of Skybus. More on that in a second.

Pat F. hired in WV. Commentary in the Trib. Also not a joke.

The great Pittsburgh hotel mystery. PG describes how two more projects are now in 'limbo'.

News always: The history of the North Shore Connector is in the PG today. And look, they do quote some from the core history mentioning the Allegheny County Rapid Transit Study (also known to some as the 'Skybus Study'... see above as well) which I have scanned online here. Basically all transit planning in town to this day can be categorized within six degrees of Skybus.

Recession watch. PBT reports that Pittsburgh area business bankruptcies were up 2% in 2008. A sign the recession has caught up to us? National business banruptcies they report were up 54% over the same period. So a ways to go.

Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus. The PBT also has what I think may be the most honest headline in a sense for a section they have put online. They describe a new resource as "Stimulus, what's in it for you?" which actually has a good list of stimulus related web links. My working hypothesis is that most folks looking for stimulus money will be disappointed in what they get. Too many needs, too many folks looking for help. Big chunks are going to be eaten up by things that are really needed, but not noticed by everyone. Note the big chuck of change going to locks and dams, which is a good thing... trust me on just that.

Casino Watch: The casino opening really is getting closer every day. Reuters reports that "Business at Atlantic City's 11 casinos is falling at a record pace."

and finally some smokestack chasing with a twist.... Didn't Bill P. spend some time over in Norway. Maybe he built some contacts to help us land a new Norweigan Auto plant being planned for the US.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it about the South Hills? From Skybus to the T, for over 40 years every major transit effort has revolved around South Hills.

You called it right.

I'm not anonymous. I'm zak822. About half the time my blogger ID won't work.

Monday, March 16, 2009 3:51:00 PM  

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