Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hotel mystery update

Just a factoid of note on the great Pittsburgh hotel mystery... even given the projects that are being delayed or canceled. I am told that literally every hotel room Downtown or its environs is booked today because of a convention of physicists. Physicists... Pittsburgh... about as close to Men in Black as you can get here on earth.

But on that topic just out is this PR from a firm that tracks lodging trends in the US. The forecast for Pittsburgh is down next year, but I think (it's unclear to me a bit) it is saying Pittsburgh's forecasted decline is the smallest in the US.


Blogger RoboticGhost said...

Google seemingly ate my comment, so if this redundant, I apologize.

I don't know the metrics PFK uses, but given the rooms added in this year alone (several hundred if you count the casino hotel and the one at the SS Works), the 6.8% decrease in RevPAR doesn't necessarily mean there will be 6.8% fewer hotel guests in Pittsburgh next year.

Interesting stuff. It'll be interesting to speculate down the road about what, if any, impact Hotelapalooza will have on the population of foreign-born workers in Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 5:37:00 PM  

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