Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reading list: bio, bio, everywhere

Just going down the reading list on the right....

A perpetual topic here, but Business Expansion Magazine talks about biotech. A 2nd article looks at the biotech industry in Dublin, Ohio outside Columbus. They talk about Pittsburgh as well in: Visionaries And Strategies: When Regions Unite, Businesses Succeed. Is anyone saying Cleveburgh?

Not available online except to subscribers, but some may want to go and find a copy of the current Economic Development Quarterly which has an article on the Biotech industry in Cincinnati.

Not on the reading list, but ESPN talks the economy with Pirates President Frank Coonelly .

and Fester predicted it, but bond insurer AMBAC has been downgraded to junk. It matters. Oh nevermind, I will just send email to Fester.

Not new... actually from a couple years ago, but Area Development Magazine had an interview with Dennis Yablonsky in 2007. Might be worth a read now as he starts his new gig downtown.


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