Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Still a cupcake free zone

Down hard with a cold or something which diminishes what little creative gene I have. So for April Fools Day I will reprieve the link to Cupcake Econometrics 101 from a couple years ago. I will still occasionally hear from someone thinking that was literally serious. I will point out that every factoid I referenced was absolutely accurate, as were the stylized graphics that went with the piece. Yes, the government tracks regional differences in the consumption of baked goods. It is a bit interesting that the media obsession on the cupcake phenomenon seems to have dissipated somewhat. What that means?? I dunno, but I may need to try and update my compilation of regional benchmarking of the number of bakeries per capita.

addendum... I didn't catch this myself but a loyal NS reader showed me what passes for The Economist's version of an April Fool's Day news item: The Economist Group expands. Explore a clickable map of The Economist's new theme park.


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