Wednesday, April 29, 2009

stop the presses..... reassessments inbound

Or I suppose, stop the packets(1)... Read for yourself:

Wow. I am told Judge Wettick has never been overturned on appeal. His ruling is upheld again if I believe the headline. Still reading the ruling. Honestly I really wondered whether the state supreme court would rule against Wettick even if they agreed with him because of the potential turmoil it could have across the state. As I am sure Dan O. is already pointing out, Allegheny County is far from the only county to use a base year assessment system.

update: still reading, but aparently it was a majority decision. like double wow. and I will add that Bram was only off by 6 weeks (see comments in that post), which is pretty good when it comes to predicting the machinations of the state supreme court.

Where to start? Below are my relevant posts and other commentary on property assessments here. I will only add a couple things. Gotta give some points in judicial courage to Judge Wettick and the majority on the state supreme court. And as I said before in one of those posts, thus marks the real beginning of the governors race.

Wettick Waiting

View from the Bench

Wondering if Wettick need not wait?

Base year bye bye

Assessments in the news again and again and again

Groundhog day in the assessment office

Which is also my title for one of the few things in ink I have on this:

Groundhog day in the assessment office

1) WWVB will explain that.


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