Thursday, April 30, 2009

To twitter or not, part II

Where to go next? We will be talking about reassessments for years. I could probably have this be an all-assessment blog, but who wants to do that. I keep telling myself I need to write a history of property assessments in Allegheny County. Other economic news of late include the interest in casino jobs, renewed interest at the Don Allen site, and I still have this tome of stuff on transit trends to put up for Ken.

But before it's too stale an apology... over on Pittsblog recently I was a bit harsh on Brian Oneill for a column he wrote on his aversion to Twitter. Brian was good enough not to respond by pointing out that I don't twitter either. :-(. There is also a curious bit of research out lately showing that Twitter quitters outnumber those who stay. He is also vindicated by some similar coverage of that in BusinessWeek.

update: Ok, ok.. I surrender. I have created a twitter account. What I will do with it? We will see. It’s all Brian O’s fault. Plus a few who emailed me to point out I was a Luddite.

My post was meant to be a more general comment on the media's seeming slowness to adapt to new things, nothing about Brian himself. That and I really liked the excuse he gave me to put up that youtube video I found that explained how to use a rotary phone to new users. It was never meant to be as allegorical as it is now almost a century after it was filmed.

and I forgot.. The City Paper this week is all over this issue of the media/blog/internet nexus. See also Potter's local commentary on same.

However I recently noticed that the editor of the Pittsburgh Business Times is Twittering. Certainly more useful than the local version of a biz news summary they used to have. Is that still running? So maybe there is hope for Twitter in the media.