Friday, May 22, 2009

How low is low?

Hey look, Act 47 is alive. I could parse for a week on what they just put out, but I think I will save any comments until after the next pension board meeting which I think will be next week. I do wonder why they didn't wait for that meeting first. Anyway... Barn door, please meet the horse.

Hey, really look. The Unemployment Rate in Pennsylvania didn't go up in April for the first time in 14 months. Hmm.... We will learn the latest on the region's unemployment rate next week and local employment counts for April later today.

Remember the split tax? Chapter on Pittsburgh in a new book just out on the land tax by the Lincoln Institute: Land Value Taxation: Theory, Evidence, and Practice.


At some point I am going to look more at the super low turnout in the city for the election. I had posted a few signs that foreshadowed that result, but it still was remarkably low. Consider there were 3 active city council races that should and probably did push turnout up. You really have to wonder what the turnout would have been if those races had been quieter.

But a quick factoid to put this all in perspective. In the November general election the total ballots cast within the city of Pittsburgh came to 159,578. It is certainly apples and oranges to directly compare general election turnout with any primary. But by my quick count that compares to total ballots cast in the City Tuesday of 50,257, 46,518 were registered Democrats and 3,739 Republicans. As a general rule I typically thought primary turnout here comes in about half that of what happens in generals, not less than a third.

The last general election was obviously an historic event that will not be repeated, certainly not in an off year election. But it still is odd to think that there are potentially over 110K additional voters just in the city proper that could vote in the fall, more than twice the total number of ballots that were cast in total on Tuesday.

and I would say this is a bit premature, but Mr. Wander thinks the numbers bode well for his write in campaign. My guess that LR garnered more R votes this time around than last, and there might have been a few other folks getting write in votes as well. Nonetheless I guess this counts as a 'victory' PR:

We'll see.


Anonymous MH said...

I wrote-in Harris for mayor. And Elmo for school board.

Friday, May 22, 2009 9:29:00 AM  

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