Friday, May 01, 2009

random history

I regularly drive by the Bride Mural on Penn Avenue in Garfield that was painted by the late Judy Penzer who died on TWA 800 more than a deade ago. Got me thinking a bit about what happened to her brother Richard Penzer. He was the NYC developer that arguably could be described as the the guy who really started the latest round of redevelopment Downtown with his rehabilitation of the Gimbels building. Anyone remember the Pittsburgh Magazine cover of him kind of swimming in cash bills floating all around. I do not jest. His later story is too complicated to get into here even if I understood it, but Penzer's holdings got caught up in a lot of Jewish legal proceedings that I have no idea how it all worked out.. But he kind of disappeared from the scene personally even before his local business dealings were unwound.

So just out of curiosity I ask Mr. Google what is up with him. A Jerusalem Post article from last year says that there were legal proceedings against one of his former Pittsburgh business partners who is alleged to have threatened to plant a bomb in Penzer's car in anger over how his Pittsburgh deals ended. Who knew?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After realizing the corrupt nature of battling rabbis in jewish court Richard Penzer gave up the case and decided to put that lifestyle behind him. The judgments luckily were only regarding some of Richard's Pittsburgh holdings, His New York City holdings and other projects were protected as he was the sole owner. Recently I see a happy Richard Penzer and family living a very different life, their home although on the water and quite beautiful is far from ostentatious and the driveway of this Richard Penzer is the polar opposite of his earlier lineup of Ferraris,Bentleys,Jaguars,and Rolls Royces, instead he is seen driving a Honda Pilot as well as several other average cars. When i walk by i wonder the same thing as Mr. Briem where is the man with the mountains of hundred dollar bills? Recently I ran into Mr. Penzer at a coffee shop in my town and decided to ask him about what had happened, he smiled and said he was happier than ever. After doing my own bit of research after the bizarrely quick and calm conversation I discovered that in the contrary to his humble clothing and cars the Penzer family fortune has only but skyrocketed after he went into the shadows. Very recently a friend of mine within the religious community brought up that his two children Michael and Jacob were being groomed to take over the family business, Michael is the older son and graduated NYU Stern as well as Fordham Law School and is now an admitted business attorney while Jacob the younger son who bears Richard's father's name does not seem to have any public records other than a small article here and there regarding high school business competitions, From what I have always herd Jacob has been slated to assume control when his father steps down, control over what I have no idea as it seems whenever the question of what business the Penzers are in recently comes up the answer is always that of confusion. Hope I could help as Richard has been a good member of this community and just an overall decent man known for giving money toward the Jewish poor and Jewish education, As i drove by Richards home no more than a month ago (he is my elderly parents neighbor) I witnessed a group of orthodox jewish kids going to enjoy his pool on a hot summer day. After the corruption he was delt at the hands of the orthodox courts it is amazing that he has appeared to connect with his religion more than ever.

Friday, August 15, 2014 3:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penzer did not give up the case. He LOST the case in both the jewish and secular court systems.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 1:28:00 PM  
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