Monday, May 11, 2009

they still use steel in cars right?

Just the fact that this headline exists is remarkable. Someone out there is at least thinking about Detroit without GM. See from CNN: GM likely to stay put in Detroit. It's a little like US Steel moving its headquarters out of Pittsburgh or even out of the Steel Building. Oh, wait, it's not like we never lost a corporate HQ.

Speaking about steel, debt and bankruptcy... has anyone noticed that on the list of Chrysler's biggest creditors, US Steel is listed #13.

and for all those who really doubted how low our foreclosure crisis is compared to that just up the road in Cleveland. Some may remember the map illustrating how stark the difference the foreclosure pattern was at the PA-OH border. Below is the leading story right now in Crain's Business Cleveland. The "city to the southeast" is us:

Different states
Researchers with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland say the city to the southeast has done a far better job of keeping people in their homes than our town. It seems much of the blame can be focused on state policies, or lack thereof.


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