Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yanni really exists?

I have to admit that when I first read them, I didn't quite process the headlines that said Yanni is responsible for the Penguins having to play again today without a day off after yesterday's game. Then again, I am not quite sure I realized Yanni really existed in the first place.

But on that.. buzz going around about billboard material provided by Washington Capital's owner Ted Leonsis via his blog: Ted's Take. I probably shouldn't say this for a few more days, but it's kind of a neat blog if you scan it. Some personal insights straight from the source. Could be a model for others (if not Ron Burkle or Mario, maybe a hint to David Morehouse?) Will be interesting to see what Leonsis blogs after the Capitals' season ends in the next few days.

Also: WashPo has some neat video perspective on the two game marathon:


Blogger Unknown said...

What's awesome is the cultural superiority complex displayed by all the D.C. sports fans on both of those message boards. ("Go back to the steel mill, peasant!") They also make sure to throw in the obligatory references to unemployment, never mind that D.C.'s economy is entirely dependent on the bloated, unsustainable federal government and its military-industrial complex. I'm sure my federal tax dollars are paying the salaries of some of those message-board douchebags, so I demand a refund right now. They don't deserve my money.

Does anybody else sense a bit of irony whenever people in other cities accuse Pittsburghers of being "ignorant," and then telling us to either get back to work in steel mills or make sure not to blow any unemployment checks on trivial pursuits? You'd think if they were even half as enlightened as they think they are, they'd know that a) there are barely any steel-related jobs left in the region, and b) the regional unemployment rate has been below the national average for two and a half years now. I hope to God that none of those people are dictating any federal policy, because they're the real ignoramuses here.

Saturday, May 09, 2009 11:59:00 AM  

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