Monday, June 22, 2009

City-County Consolidation again

City-County Consolidation is percolating through the news again. See Sunday's oped, but also the complementary news article focused on an interview with Jim Roddey.

Not a comment on Grant and Terry's piece at all, but the very best editorial on the topic to ever appear in the local media was this from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1929 when the region came closest to ever implementing a pseudo merger of city and county. Really it was more of an editorial cartoon, but whatever you call it.. this type of graphic will never be repeated:

The little cannon in the parapets were a bit gratuitous.

Written more than a few years ago, so not a comment on recent machinations at all, but my own past thoughts on: Why Regionalism is So hard.

The news article quotes Jim Roddey as saying 2003 was when he first suggested consolidating some city and county services. That has been an active focus of work for a lot longer than that. Some of the best work looking at city county service consolidation came more than a decade ago (getting old I just realized... closer to two decades than one) from my friend and now retired colleague Jim Deangelis. A summary of just some of his work is here and here. Read those and tell me we don't continue recreating the wheel here.