Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The single most important data in Pittsburgh

I once asked here what the Steelers season ticket list looks like. I wish I had kept the original letter I received from the Steelers when I first sent my name in. If I remember it, it was something politely paraphrased as: give up all hope of seeing anything in your lifetime.

The Steelers are now sending out a bit of information on their waiting list. They are just now up to folks on the list as of April of 1995. That does not say anything at all about when someone will get tickets. No reason at all to believe there is a year of movement on the list each year. Might be more, but I suspect less. But hey, it's better than if it said 1973.

Note the contrast with the current situation in Cincinnati . The Bungles are looking for a few good fans to keep us from buying their unbought tickets. According to that article they have season tickets available now, no need to wait until the next millenium. There is a great line in that article from the Cincinnati Post: "if the Bengals don’t sell the tickets, the Steelers fans will snap them up".


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