Monday, June 15, 2009

Wettick Watch - tick tock

I just thought this might be useful in coming weeks. The next assessment hearing is in a few days. I have put a link to the county's assessment case docket there on the right. Just click through the first screen that pops up and you will get all the history filed with the Prothonotary .

If you really want to try and understand the assessment mess here in Allegheny County. You really have to start with another one of the reports that was only done in the past. You just don't see anything as thorough as this anymore. See what is known as the Jaffur's Report from the 1970's (warning, large file). I got that directly from Mr. Jaffurs almost a decade ago since it has otherwise been forgotten about. I had occasionally tried to get reporters to give him a call on assessment topics, but to little avail. Unfortunately he passed away last fall I just realized. One could argue he was more important to the history of property assessments in the county than even Larry Dunn was at spurring change. But it is a long story to connect those dots. Whenever I get around to writing that paper on the history of assessments in Allegheny County.. not soon.


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