Thursday, July 02, 2009

economics of hillsides

DNJ at the Post-Gazette looks at the some of the problems associated with hillside development in town.

Unfortunately my collegue Steve Farber has retired and left town, but one of his specialties was just that. The problems have not gone away, and in most cases have only gotten worse, not just for the city and its historical hillside developments.... but in a lot of new developments that are built on or near hillsides... ever see those large machines that 'grind' away the sides of hills for infrastructure development (or mining I suppose they were intended for)? I am pretty sure nobody knows or accounts for the risks associated with much of that. Think about recent news from Kilbuck for an obvious confirmation of that. Anyway...this seems on topic:

An Ecological and Physical Investigation of Pittsburgh Hillsides
ECONOMICS REPORT to the City of Pittsburgh Hillsides Committee
Economics of Hillside Slope Development
November 30, 2004

Raises the obvious question: Does the City of Pittsburgh Hillsides Committee still exist? I really don't know.


Blogger n'at said...

I can recall either over the winter or last fall the city had a post agenda or somesuch with the planning department about rezoning or perhaps a more detailed zoning ordinance specifically targeting sloped areas within the city.

... Found the information posted at the Allegheny Land Trust's website, but everything is dated 2004. I thought there was activity more recent than that?

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