Tuesday, July 07, 2009

more enegy burgh

Catching up on things. Over the weekend the Trib looked at the local energy economy. It may seem like a new story, but it has been obvious for some time... even before the spike in energy prices which now has a lot of folks thinking about it.

Take a look at Slate's look at the coal economy in Central and Northern Appalachia (that would be us btw): The Big Sandy. Obscure economic indicators, Part 4: Central Appalachian Coal Futures. By Daniel Gross. Posted Friday, Sept. 10, 2004, at 4:50 PM ET. Pittsburgh seam spot coal prices spiked far above where they were when that Slate article ran, but have subsequently collapsed as steel driven demand has just destroyed the demand for coking coal.

My own thoughts on seeing thumper trucks rumbling through rural Pennsylvania last year. Also CNN's look at local energy issues following the post-spike energy prices.

My own thoughts from a few years ago on Energy Burgh.

I do have one question though.. I have not looked into this systematically... but are retail biodiesel sources drying up? Also, there were a number of biodiesel refineries that were going to be big in the region. Not sure the status of all those projects at the moment.


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