Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reading list

Sorry there is no public link for this, but I figure a few folks out there may be interested in it enough to look it up. Something worth reading recently published that ties together debates over government consolidation, economic development, the environment and sprawl in Southwestern Pennsylvania is this:

The Spatially Varying Relationship Between Local Land-Use Policies and Urban Growth: A Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis . by Robert Hanham , Richard J. Hoch and J. Scott Spiker

Chapter of Geotechnologies and the Environment Volume 1


This chapter examines the geography of urban growth and public policy. The chapter uses geographically weighted regression to investigate observed urbanization and sprawl across southwest Pennsylvania. Using Landsat data, the chapter focuses on observed land use change and the relationship, if any, between change and land use policy. This research shows that the spatial fragmentation of local land-use policy has a variable impact on observed land-use from non-forested open space to an urban built environment.


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