Sunday, August 23, 2009

Media alternative universe

It's speculation to suggest it means anything, yet it must mean something. If nothing else it's just a bit curious that the Trib's associate editor Bill Steigerwald has the full page of the PG's Next Page section this week on the PG's Ray Sprigle and his 'undercover' trip to the south as an African American over 60 years ago.

Granted Bill was a PG guy not so long ago,and introduced Sprigle's work in a PG retrospective once so it may not the that strange. And he is writing a book on Sprigle so it makes sense. Still, I might have checked to see if someone sent me a gag paper if CM had something in the PG. Any other examples of cross-paper content out there? Any chance Dan Simpson or someone gets equal time with Trib ink? I'm thinking that whole North Korea, South Korea issue might not be such a big deal if there is rapprochement between the Trib's and the PG's respective leaderships.

update: well, scratch most of that. It didn't register with me that it says Bill is a former Associate Editor at the Trib. I think my brain registered the former for the PG part and I seem to have missed his last words there. Looks like he is keeping busy.

It's still one of those things that you would think would generate some discussion in the media world.. But the Voy forum on Pittsburgh media gossip seems pretty fringe at this point. Nothing much on this there yet. Is there any other meta-media forum in town?

and just noting another odd editorial moment. This happens every now and then. But both Trib and PG ran the same oped this week about the health care debate and Britain's.


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The tagline says "and a former associate editor at the Tribune-Review"

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