Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Energy Mashup

NYT today covers some development in the nuclear power industry impacting Westinghouse: A ‘Nuclear Renaissance’ Stumbles Forward. by Matthew L. Wald.  The recent local news is that Westinghouse has filled its space in Cranberry and is still expanding there.  I can't recall if I ever said it here, but it sure seemed to me that the growth projections W have been putting out, positive as they have been,  were still erring on the conservative side. 

also from yesterday... behind their paywall but may be accessible via this link is a great interactive chart from the Financial Times on the Nuclear Power Revival worldwide.

A really keep forgetting to scan a post card I keep getting, this one from a different firm I think telling me about meetings regarding natural gas leases for my property.  The thing is, I live in the city where parcel sizes are miniscule.  I really want to know what the deal is but have had no time to follow up.  Are these folks looking for mineral rights or something?

But Jim covers some dialectic developments in the Pennsylania's neo-energy rush.  Looks like low gas prices are putting a damper on some developments, while others are seeing ever greater impacts across Pennsylvania.  All I can really say is that my heating bills better be lower this winter.

If this all continues on the positive side I was going to suggest an economics essay question:  Discuss "Dutch Disease and what its potential implications are for economic development in Pennsylvania".