Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Random G20 musings

Mike has Part II.  I think he isn't done yet.

I really wonder if London had as many G20 themed web sites as we do at this point.  Honestly I would skip them all and will be refering all foreign and domestic media to the official ADB Guide to Pittsburgh.

and also the PG mentions a company that is thinking of taking people's twitter messages to the G20 and flashing them in morse code.  I guess that means in a decade or so somebody will figure out what was being said. Want to give a message to the G20?.... I say bring in Pittsburgh's own chalkbot!  Can you imagine what the Secret Service would do if it were to be heading Downtown toward the convention center? 

Not G20 related.  Looks like I don't need to keep track. PG is watching the trend in casino revenues.Maybe it is a G20 thought.  Just a question: how will the G20 impact casino revenues?  I wonder.


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