Saturday, October 03, 2009

95 minutes vs. 95 days

I caught an audio version of this the other day, but didn't quite think about it until I saw the latest blurb on the state budget miasma here in Pennsylvania.  In Michigan they went without a state budget for a few hours in the early morning of October 1.  From Midnight until around 2am the state was without a budget and technically shut down.  Read the story from Michigan Public Radio.  There is a great line from the Michigan speaker of the house over the couple of hours the state went without a budget:

It never should have taken this long and I apologize to the state.
Then I read the PG's version of the latest development on the state budget here in Pennsylvania.  Barnes' and Mauriello's last line there is:

Pennsylvania is entering its 95th day without a spending plan in place.