Monday, October 12, 2009

counting matters

Just out....  Pew has a report looking at census preparations in Pittsburgh along with a few other cities. 

Preparing for the 2010 Census: How Philadelphia and Other Cities Are Struggling and Why It Matters

Funny thing about it is that the City of Pittsburgh they estimate as being OVERcounted by the census. the only city they look at with a potential OVERCount... most urban cities are UNDERcounted by the census most believe. There is a lot of evidence of similar undercounting here. The thing about the city is that is has both a concentration of minorities which are almost always undercounted, but also students and some others who are overcounted.   I am not surprised and why I cautioned against the city appealing the census count as they wanted to do (but missed the deadline for..... luckily it would appear) earlier in the year.


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