Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Today at 10am should be oral arguments over the latest attempt by the county to delay an assessment. Mentioned earlier is their 91 page appeal for a stay on Judge Wettick's assessment ruling.  After today, I think the hearing for next Monday the 19th is still on track and may be the defining moment in the now decade+ saga.  Saga would be a good word for it all at this point don't you think?

I pointed out the Las Vegas Sun article looking at Pittsburgh along with Cleveland, Boston and Las Vegas.  that article now has over 70 comments.  Some your normal ranting, but some are worth a read.

Sunday's PG had an 'enough said' infographic (which at the moment does not have an online link I can find for some reason) from this report: the National Compensation Survey report for Pittsburgh.   I didn't catch that the Trib looked at the report last week and saw that the wage increase in Pittsburgh  last year was +4.4%. That's really big news!   When you consider that inflation is nearly nonexistent it's even bigger news. Actually as the article points out, there was deflation over the time period that the wages were compiled for that report.... so the real wage increase was larger than the nominal change.  I have not gone back to compile the time series, but that may be the biggest inflation-adjusted wage jump here in a long long time.  There have been a lot of recent years where the nominal wage increases here were barely greater than inflation... some years I think there was real wages actually decreased slightly.  Over 4% after adjusting for inflation is pretty big by any standard. Strange that it did not make more news all around??

Mentioned yesterday, both PG and Trib cover the story on the Pew report about preparations for the census in Pittsburgh and some other large cities. Both were kind and neither mention the bruhaha over how the city wanted to appeal the census numbers to try and get more people... a move which would have opened up the possibility that the census folks would have lowered their numbers for Pittsburgh (the city) if the Pew sponsored analysis is correct. 

and to follow up the Steelers game in Detroit.  How bad is it when the opposing team isn't even bothered by all the Pittsburgh fans that show up in their home stadium?  From the Detroit Free Press:  No shame in Steelers fans overtaking Ford Field.

The state of the Monongahela River is in the New York Times today:  Cleansing the Air at the Expense of Waterways

and the powers that be here I am sure are happy with the news that Pitt and CMU have been ranked near the top for community impact.  PG version is a bit stingy with what we think is big news, but that is obviously a bit biased a perspective.  Trib version has a mention of our Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System.... you can play with parts of it yourself if you like. Philly Inquirer has a bit more on their local story where Penn just beat out Pitt overall in the ranking. So Pennsylvania schools come in 1 and 2 respectively.  A story there?


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So much for efforts to clean up South Oakland, I guess.

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