Wednesday, October 28, 2009

immigrant less Altoona again.... and more

I have not dug into it, but a new data dump from the census has a line in passing that says Altoona has the lowest foreign-born percentage in the US at 0.9%. Not that Pittsburgh is going to show a high number, but that is amazingly low; compares to a slightly larger 36.9% for Miami at the other extreme   Altoona is noteworthy because of the past stories on anti-immigrant public policy there which I have discussed in the past. The NYT article I was looking at back then was this one:  Altoona with no immigrant problem, decides to solve it.


I suspect most Altoona immigrants are made up of folks who settled there long ago.  So the recent immigrants that concern their city council must be virtually nonexistant.  I guess you could say their efforts have been successful at keeping immigrants away.


Speaking of foreigners.... How about this.  For some reason it's on the local evening news that Iceland is closing it's McDonalds.  The real story there is all about the collapse of the Icelandic currency because of their financial crisis. Why it's news here I don't know, but I really do have a file for everything and below is a picture I took myself a decade ago of the Reykjavic McDonalds.  Now closed I guess.


Anonymous Ken Zapinski said...

The collapse of the Icelandic currency reminds of a joke I just heard:

What's the capital of Iceland?

About $12.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 11:01:00 AM  

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