Thursday, October 22, 2009

Real Estate and Brain Drain

Yeah, Mr. PG+ saw this, but I would have gotten to it. 

Another compilation shows Pittsburgh's real estate market powers on despite astronomical losses most everywhere else.  Yet the CNN blurb highlighting that positive fact starts out with
 Pittsburgh's main problem has been a brain drain. The metro area has been losing residents for years: Its population shrank 3% since the 2000 census, and the core city of Pittsburgh has lost almost half its population over the past 50 years
Ugh.  Brain drain.  No, I won't waste any time repeating myself with the errors in that oft-repeated logic.  Thus the worst thing the article says about us is mostly a misunderstanding.  Later on it brings up the Detroit comparison again
diversification has enabled the area to muddle through the recession with less angst than many other places. "It's where we would like to see Detroit go through over the next decade,"


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