Saturday, October 24, 2009

The week that was

It’s all just too much to try and sort out the political machinations in the mayoral race last week. Beyond the obvious issues involved in (need name for all of this). I think there are some way bigger political fights coming to a head underneath the surface. It’s all just too convoluted to make sense of with one theory of everything. You just sense there are several big trains heading down the same track.

So just a hodgepodge of sidebar things on the week's machinations:

John V. has had his own Wikipedia page since well before the week began.  I thought that a bit odd given how so many others were saying John who?  I wondered about the author of most of it.. one Blargh29, but it seems that he/she is quite a prolific author of all things political in Pennsylvania.  JV’s page is just one of many. Just another obsessed newsie?

How has Bram become the nexus of both billboard-gate and now this. Just a few days before this all broke he has a full and exclusive expose on the current doings of Pat Ford no less, the presumptive catalyst for all of this week's events, although that is unconfirmed by anyone. Man, if I ever see Bram show up to video me for any reason I am going to immediately retain a lawyer even if there is no reason to think I should ever need one

Speaking of lawyers… you ever notice how some just don’t like email. I bet there is a new anti-email paradigm about to pass through local government and legal circles as the result of all of this.

The day after the debate the Acklin campaign folks put out some stuff to amplify what transpired at the debate and labeled it an “October Surprise”. If folks knew their history I am not sure I would use that phrase if the goal is to win the support of Democratic party loyalists. But it does not matter since nobody remembers their history much anymore.

Funniest comment of the week again goes to the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat.. But as always, reality trumps fiction as Pittgirl lives her own version of close encounters.

If I had to sum up the situation as of the moment… If LR held out hard feelings against pDowdy for the awfully vague accusations made in the spring, can you imagine what he must think of Acklin and his campaign folks right now. Seems to me the advice most apt is: if you’re going to try and kill the king, you better succeed. Potter says it isn’t over and he is probably right.

The ultimate political scoring on this all is hard to tell as yet. Counterintuitively there are some less than obvious costs to the Acklin campaign. For example, if not for all the fuss I would have said one of the bigger pieces of news would have been about former mayoral candidate Hop Kendrick’s endorsement of Acklin in the Pittsburgh Courier… but that seems to have been completely lost in the political noise. And when it comes to political ground truth, the biggest news of the week may have been the least noticed coming in late on a Friday evening. Remember 2 years ago Desantis had the endorsement of the city police and 4 years ago Joe Weinroth had the endorsement had the Fire union. This time?


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