Sunday, November 15, 2009

transparent Akron

A note on government transparency comes from Cleveland's Writes Like She Talks... check out the plan in Akron to put ever more public data online.  It says it will include daily updates on tax payments. 

Not really related, but the Guardian's (UK) blog on data transparency has a neat post on some maps of urban green space in England.  Anyone want to try and produce some similar maps here? It's beyond anything I can do.

and something that might get a few Burghosphere denizens thinking.. Intrepid Cleveland Blogger Jill Miller Zimon (author of the Writes Like She Talks blog mentioned above) was indeed elected to actual political office a couple weeks ago.

Speaking of Cleveland... Note the intense look at Allegheny County and in particular local politics (including a cameo by Mike speaking of the Burghosphere) in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. See:  Pittsburgh's Allegheny County offers Cuyahoga some lessons in reform. If I were the author I would be wary of what happened to the journalist who wrote the last glowing piece in the PD about us.  I think he was laid off the next day. 


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