Sunday, December 27, 2009

W news

Seemingly a passing news item, but maybe more... Financial crisis in Dubai has not stopped a contract going forward which will have Westinghouse build 4 nuclear reactors in the UAE.  Reuters has a timeline of the project. There is even related news following that up today of other further potential sales in Turkey based on the same partnership.  What is most interesting is this story from a little while ago on the competitiveness of the Korea-Westinghouse partnership that inked these deals.*  My only quibble is that it would be nice to see some more of the W work sourced locally.  For example, down in Tennessee their year-end round-up has a mention of 2009 marking the opening of a Westinghouse "$21 million boiling water reactor training center and welding institute". 

 It is just one of the things that amazes me, but the scale of transformation in the UAE in the last 50 years is one of the more remarkable stories in history. Wasn't the UAE 50 years ago of course... A bit beyond the scope to get into here.

* and as much as I suspect the NS readers are some of the most astute there are... the commenters on that story analyzing the W-Korea proposal must be just scary smart.  Let's go discuss the 50 year history of engineering developments in nuclear power plant design??


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