Friday, January 22, 2010

C jobs

Casino Jobs:

I was watching something on the evening news this week about the job openings at the casinos in anticipation of table games.  Everyone wants to be a dealer.  Good pay, tips, and I guess it appears fun or something.  I bet it's a lot of work and comes with a lot of scrutiny over all the money you have to handle.  But I think there was a point made out at the meadows that there was a "perception that they were going to be flying in dealers from Las Vegas" and that it wasn't true... that they were really going to be training folks here to become dealers.   I wonder though... Gaming in Vegas is on its back these days and there are probably more than a few dealers looking for work.  I wonder how deep the diaspora exists in Nevada and how many folks might really be looking for jobs out here with the new table games tsunami coming in Pennsylvania. 
If someone knows of a burgher native dealer from Nevada looking to come back for one of these job, send them over to Toland.  We haven't seen an installment of his 'diaspora report' in a bit have we?

and for the informal economy, let's call these Counting jobs...  Why work if you can master the long defined  optimal strategy for blackjack.  Then again you also need to beat the new technology that will be there to thwart you. To think Nick Perry only needed a syringe filled with paint.

Census Jobs:

There really are jobs available...  not bad pay.   These flyers were dropped at least throughout the East End this week


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