Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Point of intended movement

Here is some news on what will be happening in 2010.   It may have been one of the first posts here on the idea of LST 325 visiting Pittsburgh and now it may be happening.  At least tentatively on the schedule is the arrival of LST 325 to Pittsburgh sometime in the early fall.  

See some of my past musings on the significance of the local shipbuilding industry in War War II in this past post, but also mentioned in this old oped in the PG.  On the left is a picture of LST 750 which was built right here on Neville Island.  Not it's official name, but the ship was called by some to be the USS Allegheny County because it was built with money raised locally.  It would be built here in an amazing 2 months during April/May of 1944 and was launched on May 30.  It would be sunk by a kamikaze off the Philippines just 6 months later. I am not quite sure how it even got out to the Western Pacific that fast. 

How busy were the folks here making ships (and most everything else) back then?  I really am not sure what the local advertisment below was supposed to do.  I am pretty sure by 1943 every conceivable worker was employed somewhere.  Note how they wanted married men with children which is because early in the war that would exempt you from the draft.  Later in the war exemptions for men with dependents would go away.


Blogger Sextant said...

LST 325 is on its way to Pittsburgh! You can track its movement here


The home page for the ship has more information on the Pittsburgh trip and can be found here:


Oddly enough, I wrote an entry in my blog about my parents and LST’s yesterday and found out about the 325 coming to Pittsburgh in my Internet research. My mother welded LSTs at Dravo, and my father sailed on one from Saipan to Okinawa in 1945. I am very much a child of the LST program. My blog entry is here:


Thank you for your efforts to bring this historic ship to Pittsburgh. I am looking forward to going down and taking a tour of it. The recruitment poster is priceless! I added it to my blog.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:09:00 AM  

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