Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cleveburgh notes

We are not listed at all in Forbes latests rank-o-rama of the most miserable cities... but Cleveland tops the list along with more than a few of our nearby Ohio neighbors. Hard to believe Detroit has even a speck of Schadenfreude over being ranked a smidge better and Stockton is arguing with the math. For either I'm not sure I would waste the PR arguing that things were merely dismal and not abysmal.  But hey, maybe we won't be ranked the worst place for singles again?  Spotted behind the PG+ paywall....  but free here.

More Ohio observations.   Cleveland's airport may not be doing great overall, but it has been ranked as one of the most improving airports in the nation. 

One of the things that hurt Cleveland in the ranking of miserable places was a public corruption metric defined by the Forbes folks.   Not much note around here of what has been an ongoing and extensive Federal probe of local government up there.  News today on some mysterious printing bills.  I thought I would check in on Ed Morrison's crowdsourcing project to track the corruption issues up there: MapTheMess, but it looks like it has not been updated in some time. 

Since I depress myself with all that, let's add something a little less dreary.  In Akron they have a new slant on Town/Gown relations. Read about the efforts there where the Univ of Akron is actually trying to support the creation of a new neighborhood altogether.


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