Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earthquake risk

The blizzard in Chicago didn't stop an earthquake up there today.  Think we are immune?  We have had some real earthquakes nearby pretty recently. In fact that1998 Pymatuning earthquake was the largest recorded earthquake in Pennsylvania history; also one of the closest earthquakes.

Am I worried about earthquake risk in Pennsylvania?  Not directly.  But even if an earthquake just on the scale of what happened in Pymatuning  happened here; how much of our creaking water infrastructure would survive?  Some of our water mains break if you stomp on the ground too hard.  Wouldn't be pretty if we got a jolt.  and I hate to say, for homeowners it wouldn't be covered by insurance.

Just something cheerful to think about.  Happy Snow Day!  Anyone tracking the record for the longest number of consecutive snow days in Pittsburgh Public Schools?

update:  I wouldn't say any of that was necessarily tongue in cheek, the Pymatuning earthquake was quite real. But I really am not all that worried about earthquakes here in town.  At least in the continuum of risk we have to deal with I didn't think this was high enough to really devote too many neurons worrying about.  Yet you would be surprised how many blind google hits are coming to this page for searches which are a variant of "earthquake risk Pittsburgh".   Is this something people really ponder. Maybe they mean Pittsburg, California?  I may have to ask Louise Comfort about this.


Blogger Unknown said...

Pymatuning is actually on/near a fault line. Pittsburgh's closest fault line is... Erie.

Talk to Geophysicists, we're just not at any risk for a significant earthquake here -- we get residual meanderings from distant earthquakes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010 9:58:00 AM  

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