Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow those stories

Talk of MBB entering race for PA-4 held by Altmire.  You can look at maps here of how the first Altmire-Hart race went, and what changed in the reprise in 2008.

Which again brings up again...  Still no US Attorney here? Is it because of Sen. Shelby's holdup of everything except for paying the water bill in the Senate, or something else?  I guess I should know better than to assume.  Maybe he is holding up the water bill as well?  Are the toilents in Dirksen working?

City pensions in a bit of news.  You can join me in obsessing on all the city pension data you can absorb on my iPension page. Does anyone other than me ever ask why you can't find almost any of that data on the city of Pittsburgh web page? That came to mind because I was looking at the web page for the Detroit municipal pension system.  They actually even post the minutes of their meetings.  Their minutes?! That paragon of public transprency, Detroit, is eons ahead of us when it comes to transparency and e-Government. But we have iBurgh, so I guess we can call it even. They even post current actual financial data of their pension system.   Go try and find anything comparable here.  No matter really.  All pension debates here are going to change in just about a month from now when the city has to file updated actuarial reports. 

Westinghouse watch.  Surprised not bigger notice here of the news of federal guarantees for the first new nuclear reactors in the US in some time.  The maker of those reactors: Westinghouse. 

Wettick watch.  Anyone notice the assessment mail they should have received in the mail.  Mine came right in midst of the blizzards.  Probably gave the county an easy excuse to ask the Judge for a delay of some sort.  Kind of a side note on property value.  It would be beyond me to quantify or even guess at.... but I wonder how much damage in total all this ice is causing.  Pittsburgh has what by many measures is the oldest, most disinvested, housing stock in the nation.  Couple that with the nature of this pepetual snow/ice and you must have a big number when it comes to total value of the damage.  But don't call me looking for that number, try the insurance companies. Thinking of which, maybe Nationwide will distribute an iGutter app or something like that.    Great pic in the PG on that, but you can take your own.. Just walk a few blocks in any neighborhood.