Wednesday, February 03, 2010

From: Governing, Re: Pittsburgh

You would think Governing was writing just for us.  That or we are just a poster child for every policy issue out there.  Two recent posts from their 13th Floor Blog are really quite on point for us these days.

In Another Nail in the Coffin of the Big Public Sell-Off is this quote:
According to Dan Borut, executive director of the National League of Cities, one option municipalities likely won't be exploring is the idea of selling off major public assets to be managed by private companies. Large-scale sell-offs ...... are a thing of the past, he said. "These deals have had a number of problems," he said.
In the previous post, The Push to Consolidate is this:
.....don't expect any full-out city-county mergers coming anytime soon (although that is something Wharton is pursuing for Memphis and Shelby County). Rather, look for more and more cooperation between cities and counties in information technology and procurement, as well as in providing services such as health care, education and public safety. "I think it's highly unlikely there will be more consolidations" of governments into a metropolitan city-county unit, said Don Borut, executive director of the National League of Cities. "People identify with the city where they live, and that's not going to change."


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