Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Growth in PA

Well, at least somewhere in Pennnsylvania.  BusinessWeek points out that estimates are that the fastest growing municipality in Pennsylvania is Back Mountain, PA.. A suburb of Scranton apparently.  Who knew?

Random note from the diaspora watch...  the new police chief of Miami/Dade County is from Pittsburgh. I really do think the Pittsburgh diaspora runs the world.

and one more follow-up on the tuition tax imbroglio... behind their paywall, but the Chronicle of Higher Education profiles the Pittsburgh debate: Towns, Gowns and Taxes: Higher education helped save Pittsburgh, so why are the two sides still fighting?

and with the unemployment rate unchanged locally and nationally for December it is now 39 continuous months where the region has recorded a lower unemployment rate than the nation.  The story and graphic looks much the same as last month so why update it.  But next month will tie the longest recorded period in at least the last half century when you can say that.
and I know the news of late is more about the burghosphere's Comet-less future...  but I am just noticing that all voy forums seem to be down.. if that is permanent, is collateral damage the demise of the Pittsburgh Media Scoops and Gossip forum? Not that it ever really had many scoops, much media nor even any juicy gossip.