Wednesday, February 10, 2010

on Bonds and Budgets

Municipal finance wonkery in passing:

Bond Buyer covers both the Governor's proposed $29 Billion Pennsylvania Budget, but also that UPMC will refinance their mega ($1.1 Billion) bond deal next week via Allegheny County. Public finance wonks may recall reading how this all may have been worked throught he state because of the lawsuit briefly in play over the closing of Braddock Hospital.  But that pending litigation was tossed, and it looks like they are closing the deal with the county.  I also have not been paying attention, they had a story last week on progress in Harrisburg (is that an oxymoron) to ban the use of swaps in municipal finance in the Commonwealth.  Remember those?  Just think, the PWSA has not been in the news for what..  3 days?