Sunday, March 14, 2010


I know we want to be part of the Google high speed broadband initiative.

You have to give credit to the Google marketers over all of this.  They are way above their high standard for garnering earned media.  See how we are going to have a lot of competition to be included in this; folks are taking this uber-serious.  See more via the HuffingtonPost and this video from Senator Franken himself. (it is Senator right?...  all that litigation is over with?)   Nothing against either of our incumbent senators, but I think we are a bit humor challenged in terms of our DC delegation.  How will we compensate?

Seriously..   our good friends up the street are a big advantage in something like this I am sure, but nothing is guaranteed.  I would imagine that there are a lot of unavoidable disadvantages to trying to expand broadband locally.  Sheer topography and creeking infrastructure all around make things like this unavoidably more expensive here versus a lot of other places.  That's not to be a nabob mind you, but more a warning that we can't just stand by and assume it will happen here just because CMU is here.  I suspect it will take more than that. 


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