Saturday, March 13, 2010

But for a Billion Bloggers

Let's see...  if you leave out the part about being a racecar driver, famous novelist, and heartthrob then this might be the story of Null Space here.  Oh yeah, the 300 million hits might be another defining difference between the two. 

Anyway. Is this not the biggest story out there if you think about it?  NYT today writes about the guy who may be the most widely read blogger in the world.  Strike that, make that the most widely read living writer:  Heartthrob’s Blog Challenges China’s Leaders.  Really world changing stuff in all of that.

It does keep things in perspective.  It did get me thinking about what I still think is one of the most fascinating blogs I've been reading for years.  Arguably one of the top true 'blogs' in the Middle East.  Check out:  If you have never heard of Ahmed Al-Omran I bet you will in the future.  Looks like he is heading to Columbia's J-school for graduate school. 

Other random new world news in the nexus of information technology and government.  From the "Free Our Data" folks over the pond is a story about The First Data Election.  How far are we from that over here?


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