Thursday, March 11, 2010

River Casino Rising?

A couple weeks ago the PG had an article about how the casino had its 2nd best week ever. They were a bit premature and after a minor down tick they had their absolutely best week just last week.  See below.

I still am not convinced they are making money on annual basis even with last week's revenue flow, but it is certainly looking better than it seemed at the very beginning of the year.  So the question is why?  I can't say, but one thing I notice is that they are putting more money out there on the table in the form of promotions.  Here is the trend since Christmas in how much they are putting out in the form of "promotional play" money per week.  So maybe the problem is just that they have been stingy?  We will have to see if this is all intended to be an investment to get people back through the door, or if their new business plan is to sustain these levels. 


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