Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Energy new and old

Financial Times had an oped of note yesterday:  The true cost of shale gas production.  The funniest Marcellus story of late is how the local Hare Krishnas are benefiting greatly.  I am not an energy market expert by any means.  I once loved to talk to the energy option traders long ago is about the extent of my knowledge of those markets.   But the price of natural gas is plunging of late and as best I understand it there may be a storage problem in the industry.  There is just too much which is remarkable since we all feel as if it's been a rough winter.  New supply coming online not being matched by a way to store the commodity and it's not the easiest stuff to store. Between that and all this Marcellus gas, my heating bill better be lower next year. I have a feeling it won't be.

Also as noted the other day, the price of coking coal is spiking most everywhere.  I wonder if the billion+ upgrade of the Clairton Works will be turned on again.


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