Friday, March 12, 2010

Marcellus watch

No, I'm not trying to take up Jim R's comment/observation that there ought to be an energy blogger in town.  The news source for this is as interesting as this story.  NYT ran something yesterday from "Greenwire" on the state of the shale:  Natural Gas From Shale Plays Create 'New World' for Energy Industry  Worth a scan.

From a couple days ago, but it seems Pittsburgher Bill Zagorski is the father of Marcellus Shale. Really seems to me like he ought to be better known?  Curious. 

and I still don't doubt that it is all happening, I know enough folks to know it's true enough.  But for all the talk of Marcellus Shale activity, it's hard to see too much impact in the state's employment numbers for mining industries.  In fact, the January employment numbers just released show the first positive year over year increases since April.  A positive sign, but it reinforces the embedded fact that most of last year mining employment in PA was down.  Is the employment here showing up in other industries or other states' data?  It may be that a lot of this activity is just so new it isn't being captured by the system collecting the data.  Just hypotheses for now.