Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading list

I got nothing...  so just going down the reading list on the right let's see what is there.

Next American City focuses on Pittbsurgh's Biking Moment

Governing looks at the move Google is making into public data: Fun with public data.If only they reported pension data eh? and I missed this from a couple months ago also in Governing: Rise of the Megaregion.

Site Selection Magazine is on the topic of the day: Could Gas Play Ignite a Region? Subtitled: EQT executives call the Marcellus Shale the most important economic development for Southwest Pennsylvania.

Site Selection also has Pittsburgh ranked #7 in some metric of competitiveness. 

American City and County touches on the pension issues cities face nationwide:  Hatching New Ideas.

also they remind me of the Urban Institute's new metrotrends web site.  Worth a look.


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