Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's, like, some protest going on.

So the great conundrum in the great Google quest everyone is on.   Would we want to be listed among the most 'desperate' cities trying to get Google Fiber to land here.  Depends on your spin on 'desperate' I guess.  I read between the lines in the news coverage about the local Google Day that turnout may have been lacking. That and Google Day reminds me of our QUBE Day.

See PC World from yesterday evening: Google Fiber Candidates: Top 5 Desperate Cities.  Duluth ranked way up there, which I still think has something to do with Al Franken. You have to admit they are focused on the prize.

The quote though is fascinating.. Remember, this wasn't supposed to be a flash mob, but planned and advertised well in advance.  Does lack of awareness of the promo being staged Downtown reflect the same level of ambivalence toward soemthing like the protests during the G20.... or maybe just insufficient marketing? 

Someone does deserve credit for morphing the Pittsburgh Parking Chair into a 21st century theme... or am I projecting?  


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