Friday, April 02, 2010

Grading transparency

Just noticing this article from SF on local government transparency.... I wondered what our grade is from this group grading local governments on usefulness of their  web pages.  All I find on Pittsburgh is this which seems to say it's an I for incomplete or that the review is incomplete??  Who knows?

Anyway... more on government transparency here on Monday.  Why spoil a nice weekend with any nattering.

addendum micronatter:   I just noticed that in addition to the page for the city linked above they have also poked at the Allegheny County Web page and give it a B-...  which isn't the worst of grades.  It also has something I can't even figure where they found it on the county web site...  They seem to care a lot about lobbying issues and have found the time series for county lobbying expenditures.  A peak was 2005.  And they have detail on which agencies or authorities were expending money on lobbying. 


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