Monday, April 12, 2010

Manufacturing Möbius

A steel note from the "Pittsburgh of the South".....  or maybe we are the "Birmingham of the North" these days?    But something on steel/university relations and a comment in the Birmingham News from my friend Carey here in town.  Just shows that when people talk steel they still talk Pittsburgh.

Maybe we are the Hamilton of the states?  Labor/Management issues in the steel industry used to be its own beat here in town.  But a note of that from the Hamilton Spectator yesterday. 

But to complement old and new: San Diego is celebrating 50 years since the founding of the Salk Institute.  The polio vaccine we are all so proud of here.   A less talked about history is soon after the success with the polio vaccine Jonas Salk left to head to San Diego where he is responsible for a large part of the relatively thriving bioech industry there.  (a side note, but that picture of a Chihuly may look familiar, it was the piece hanging at Phipps when the Chihuly show was there). 

Can I tie that stream of consciousness together?  You bet.  Talk in town continues of a new vaccine production facility here.   From a pure wonk-accounting point of view, but if that happens at scale the jobs created at such an establishment ought to be classified as manufacturing jobs.  What is old is new again?  and in terms of the sheer number of jobs, such a facility has the potential on its own to employ almost as many as the commercial biotech industry in town does right now.


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