Monday, April 26, 2010

There is an election coming up isn't there?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the race for governor is just not registering with anyone yet? Uber-political junkies (which includes anyone who can name any party chair or ward boss) do not count.  And with the actual election just weeks away at this point so you have to wonder if, not when, the light will come. That is half of the theme of what Tom Barnes wrote on the governor's race over the weekend.  I guess I had expected at least some of these folks to drop out to provide some clarity to the field. Thus far the Democratic field has lost only one candidate when Chris Doherty dropped out, but gained a late entrant in Williams to net it out.  Given that each candidate seems to have something and nothing (at the same time) of a base, you have to wonder how low the plurality will be to win at this rate.  Maybe it's just going to be a Seinfeld election?

Also Tom Infield at the Inky talks about the changing center of gravity of politics in Pennsylvania.   So I will just be lazy and repost something I have had up before.   This is slightly out of date data on the distribution of voters by party and county across the state. The colors just highlight the Pittsburgh and Philly metro areas.  Interactive versions of the same I have put online via Manyeyes for Democrats and Republicans respectively.  
Democratic Party Registration in Pennsylvania by County - Fall 2009

Republican Party Registration in Pennsylvania by County - Fall 2009


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