Saturday, April 03, 2010

train mystery

This is a very long set of rail cars that have been seemingly abandoned on the rail lines along the Monongahela and visable from either the bike trail and 837...   The thing is they have been there for longer than I can remember..  2+ years.. I think it's 3 years by now?? and they are still there. Anyone know why?  

They all appear to me to be the same type of car.. I thought they were for cattle or something, not that I know much about anything rolling stock beyond what we put tanks, HMMWV's and shipping containers on.  But I was told they are all clearly autoracks for cars. 

So I would say they were all casualties of the recession which has hit the auto industry hard.. except I still think these have been in place here longer than the recession has been official at least.  Still is good theory, but I just wonder why it makes sense to leave them here for so long.  I guess anyplace is as good as another though I would think there would be better places to minimize depreciation. No desert for rail cars like they do with planes I suppose. Is CSX getting paid rent?


Anonymous johnnyg said...

The recession has caused a glut of railcars, with few places to park them. Especially auto carrying cars, which are without demand given that sales were about 9.7 million units last year, expected to be about 10.5 million units this year, and, oh, about 17 million in 2007.

The NYT and WSJ have both reported about towns in the midwest that have been literally divided by trains parked on the tracks for months, if not years. See this from last February's WSJ:

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