Tuesday, May 11, 2010

all energy, all the time

(I'm not sure folks appreciate the music post... sometimes I may be too subtle for my own good.  That and it is quite a good new piece and well performed no less.  If only BK would have stuck to the knitting.)

Just some energy things that have been piling up:

FT energysource blog has a bunch of stuff at the nexus of coal/natgas/electricity/environment and more.. all of which impact us (small us and big US) these days.  See: Coal die-off, nat gas boom are already reducing US emissions

at the center of the world of course is Marcellus Shale these days.. some interesting legal issues down in Texas concerning offers made for Barnett Shale leases.  Lots of similar offers going on around here over the last year.  WSJ's latest offering to the Marcellus mania: How Shale Gas is Going to Change the World.

and random energy link.  Lifehacker passes on links that show graphically what all the different things a kilowatt hour of energy produces.

Everyone now knows who BP is given all the news in the Gulf of Mexico yes?  Well, they now know about us.

Speaking of oil spills.  My memory tells me we have a second more interesting report looking at the actual response to the Ashland Oil Spill here... but I did dig up a related survey that has some of the history of note:  Evaluation of the Public's Perceptions of the Health and Environemntal Risks Associated with the January 2, 1988 Ashland Oil Spill.

and if you are really smart and sense there is a bubble in prices, what do you do?  You try to sell at the peak if you can.


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