Saturday, May 08, 2010

Not a Goldilocks town

Interesting and ongoing comment thread in Forbes on their 'Most Livable' ranking this year.  Love us or hate us seems to be the theme without much middle ground. Probably as true for folks who are current residents as it is for comments from afar.  Can an entire region be bipolar?


Anonymous DBR96A said...

I remember reading an editorial in the Pittsburgh City Paper several years ago that started with the following statement: "You know what I hate most about Pittsburgh? Pittsburghers who won't shut up about how much they hate Pittsburgh." I also love the comments about people "voting with their feet," even though the majority of people leaving the Pittsburgh area are climbing the stairway to Heaven (or tumbling down the stairway to Hell).

Then there's the "all the smart people leave" blurb, which has been proven on this blog to be the most acrid of bullshit. As for being "resistant to change," the biggest resistance to change that I see are those whose opinions of the city seem to be stuck in 1990 -- like the 50-year-old talking about how he and most of his friends left the area right after they graduated college, presumably 25 frickin' years ago.

Yeah, Pittsburgh has its problems -- and people like that are among them.

Sunday, May 09, 2010 4:49:00 AM  

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